Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not much to talk about lately.

Spending most of my time these days doing nothing of importance. Business as usual. I've been slowly working on getting through my growing anime backlog and playing Minecraft, speaking of which, I suppose I should explain why I haven't made any posts about The Rise lately. Well, at that point I was getting pretty bored of that map. Goddamn Project Skywall burnt me out. The sheer scale of the project overwhelmed me, and in hindsight I should've made it smaller. Not to mention that the implementation of biomes on maps created before the update wasn't quite like I envisioned it:
Old part of the map on the left, newly generated part of the map on the right.

So yeah, I pretty much gave up on it. I hate it when I come up with an idea for some grand project, spend too much time overthinking it, and end up giving up before I get anywhere on it. Shit sucks.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dead Master

After two weeks of waiting for her to arrive via registered SAL, she finally arrived in the mail around noon today.

Get out of here stalker Hygogg.

Unfortunately, this is the only picture of the half dozen I took earlier today that turned out well. All the others came out blurry or saturated with light. That, and my good camera is currently out of town with my Mom and sister until they come back this weekend. I'll be sure to take some better pictures when I get my camera back.

But I gotta say, figma Dead Master is pretty damn sexy. I love the paintjob on her scythe and the skulls.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010