Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My face
Good news everyone! It turns out I made a backup of The Rise not too long ago and tossed it into the depths of my external hard drive. Somehow I completely forgot about it, dunno how. Anyways, I decided to take a look at it and to my surprise and relief it's relatively up to date. The only things missing are the farms I was using to produce reeds (I need bookcases, bookcases everywhere) and a badly planned apartment complex. All together I think I only lost maybe three hours of work, and I've had worse things happen in the many games I've played throughout my life. I'm just glad that everything went better than expected.

Welp, time to waste some more time in Minecraft. But first a map of the area around The Rise:
And here's a map of the many projects I have in mind for this map, with highly refined artistic (more like autistic, am I right?) renderings:
derp derp derp
At some point, when I get around to it, I plan on building a massive glass ceiling of sorts over the land surrounding The Rise in order to keep the snow out, with waterfalls (or lavafalls, haven't decided yet) creating a border between The Rise and the rest of the world. That's what the sky bridges and barrier wall annotation is about. I was inspired by this thread on the Minecraft forums, initially thinking that it would give me something to do with all the stone I'll have leftover from building inside The Rise. Hopefully I won't burn myself out of Minecraft while working on it. I'll be sure to post screenshots of my progress on my blog.


  1. I read that in his voice

  2. Ahaha, minecraft has totally taken over your life :D

  3. hoho ambitious! Post pictures when you're done!

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